Zahira of NH ~ Zahira Zuhra

Belly Dance in NH & New England

Belly Grams by Zahira

Belly Grams
*  Family Gatherings
*  At Restaurants / Party Facilities
    (with permission by the Owners)
*  Business Venues
*  Businesses Gatherings

Restaurant Shows
*  Public Dance Schedule
*  Request me as the Dancer   
Corporate Functions

Weddings ~ Jack & Jills

Promotional Appearances and
Cultural Events
Do not hesitate to contact me for your event! I donate a lot of my time to public promotions/charity events.

Group Lessons for Special Events

Consult & Choreography

**Please NOTE**
I will not accept requests for same-sex  parties without consultation and verification as to the type of gathering.

Please provide me with as much detail regarding
 your function/event, including the date, the time frame
you're thinking of, and the event location. 

Pricing will be based on standard rates within the NH area.  Rates may vary if you're located in another State and/or travel time. 

Standard Belly Gram*
Intro Song
Veil Song
Drum Solo

Quick Belly Gram
Intro Song
Drum Solo

Business Belly Gram  (at a Business Venue)
Quick Belly Gram

Special Events
Standard Belly Gram + Additional Time and/or Second Performance

More than One Dancer/Performance
Rate will vary depending on additional Dancer

* Typically, a dancer will add a couple more songs on to the standard gram in order to dance with the Guest of Honor & Guests
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