Zahira of NH ~ Zahira Zuhra

Belly Dance in NH & New England

Belly Dance Lessons by Zahira

To be Announced

It was very sad to say goodbye
and the Holistic Center closing.

I am currently scouting for
new venues for teaching class. 
Please be patient and keep dancing during this transition time.

Miss you all!


Currently no Classes at this time.
I'm seeking new venues for dance classes.

Please stay tuned for updates.


Registration/Waiver Forms will be at the Front Desk for sign-in for each class. 

Please come to class wearing comfortable workout clothes; dance/yoga pants/leggings and a crop top are recommended. Please bring along a hip scarf, coined or otherwise or a scarf that's long enough to tie around your hips where the ends can dangle a bit.

Bring along your own water bottle and a towel. Don't be shy to show your tummy! You'll need to see your body in order to incorporate the movements properly.

Bellydance is for everyone! All ages, all sizes. Come have a great time in class! Whether you'd like to try it for something new, to work out and socialize, or for the serious beginner student of belly dance.

*Please note that there will be some class times that the Studio is not available or that I am not able to teach class due to a Performance.
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